Shane Czajkowski

Shane Czajkowski

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First Name * Shane
Last Name * Czajkowski
Username * waynebebay
Country * USA
Nationality Caucasian
Languages English




I am a 23 year old average man... I work for the United States Navy as a Hospital Corpsman and aspire to be a great digital artist one day. For the time being I am just studying the envies I have for other great artists and doing my own paintings. For the most part I use referencing to the point because I am not entirely confident that a conceptual painting I produce will be of my own expectations due to my lack of knowledge in how lighting and colors mix. My main goal is to understand color integrity and gain a working knowledge on how they blend, mesh, reflect, retract, blah blah what have you... Color is my weakness basically. I can do pencil and paper... I am really good with line art so I am finally breaking away from that safe house I resided in for my first 22 years of life and decided to challenge myself. With that being said, I love to hear comments and constructive criticism for it gives me a working knowledge of what needs to change or what needs to stay.